Sid Neigum: Manufacturer’s Label

Continued Success for WCFW Emerging Designer Competition Winner

Edmonton export Sid Neigum is steadily pushing the boundaries set for the female form with his Fall 2014 collection. “It was inspired by packaging design. I wanted to take the two dimensional shapes that I cut the fabric out of and twist it and fold it into a three dimensional garment… I really wanted to over simplify everything, remove every seam and detail that I possibly could and just strip it down to the core.” Neigum admitted to thinking of his industrial-inspired patterns before the body, making the human form an object of sorts.

Neigum used tab-and-slit mechanisms held together by hand made sterling silver staples, and bonded nylon to form pieces that surprisingly floated down the runway while armoured in a neutral colour scheme along with pops of gold lame fabric. The models were styled in layers of varying textures complimenting Neigum’s patterning skills. Each piece was sculptural with different characteristics whether it be clean-cut raw edges or asymmetric hems to the oversized lapels that waft along a girl’s shoulders with chic nonchalance. All this juxtaposed to a soft, pink makeup palette topped off with thick, black winged eyes.