PHABRIK Magazine

PHABRIK Magazine was launched with the mission to support and provide exposure for talent at all levels, to discover the new and exciting, to see the unseen, and to bring experiences from all over the globe to our discerning readers. We are a fresh and independent publication that explores art, fashion, design, and architecture. This focus, along with our emphasis on emerging talent and local environments, gives us a mission that separates us from other publications. We strongly believe in supporting local talent, no matter where that ‘local’ is. Exposure for creative work should not be deterred by finances or by location. The planet has a synchronicity now more than ever, an interconnectedness that spans the globe – all over there are creative voices waiting to be heard, and we seek to find and highlight our commonalities and our differences. Our voice is a collective voice, reliant on cross-pollination and sharing ideas with all kinds of artistic communities. We are hoping that as we grow, we can continue to do this on an even deeper level and expand our content further.

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